Vegan athletes smashed it in 2021!

Vegan athletes achieved amazing things this year with strength, speed, endurance and more.

14 December 2021

Strength and muscle

Aussie powerlifter Glenda Presutti smashed world records in bench and squat (more here).

Nick Squires smashed four State powerlifting records in one day (more here).

Noah Hannibal benched 200kg to win Gold at the Oceania Powerlifting Championships (more here).

Jake Entwistle took third in England’s Strongest man 90kg (more here).

Kim Best won Scotland’s Strongest Woman (more here).

Veteran powerlifter with multiple world records Pat Reeves recovered from a horrific road accident and took another world record (more here).

Powerlifter Ryan Stills won his age category at the IPF World Class Championships.

Weightlifter Ramona Cadogan took Silver at the Pan Am Masters (more here).

Armwrestler Will Sarty achieved his dream of taking world title – twice! (More here).

Bodybuilder Shelli Beecher-Seitzler took an awesome silver (more here).

Powerlifter Dawid Kawka surprised many with a fantastic set of lifts at the World Championships. (More here).

Fia Kamlund set personal bests at the World Championships.

Bodybuilder Maayan Eliasi won the Israeli Nationals then won a powerlifting competition (more here).

Bodybuilder Julia Hubbard found more success as a coach with two vegan students (more here).

Sahy Lalime won her fourth National powerlifting title (more here).


Andreas Vojta smashed a national road race record (more here).

Ariel Rosenfeld won another national 24 hour running record (more here).

Alberto Pelaez Serrano won his category in a tough ultramarathon (more here).

Ana Cufer successfully defended her national mountain running title (more here).

Antonio di Manno won L’ultimo sopravvissuto (‘Last Survivor’) and qualified for the World Championships.

Ana Stefulj won the Balkans Marathon in one of the fastest times in the race’s history (more here).

Harvey Lewis won the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon, ‘the world’s toughest footrace’.

Robbie Balenger broke the New York Central Park record with an epic 100 mile run (more here).

Budjargal Byambaa ran for six days to win an extreme ultramarathon (more here).

Triathlete Antoine Jolicouer Desroches ran the Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the 48 km Devil’s loop (more here).

Budjargal Byambaa ran 900 km to take a course record (more here).

Juanjo Larrotcha ran in the biggest Ultramarathon, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and won his category convincingly (more here).

Soon after, Juanjo took second in the 280 km Iceland ultramarathon (more here).

Mike Coppock ran an extreme mountain route in the Pyrenees in the Fastest Known Time ever (more here).

Harvey Lewis won the final of the ‘race with no finish’ ultramarathon and set a world record for the format (more here).

And the others!

Snooker’s Neil Robertson won the Tour Championship (more here) and English Open (more here).

Diver Massimo Lepardi won medals the Italian Masters (more here) and the Italian Nationals (more here).

Frans Claes competed in a tough field to take a top ten finish in the Europan Mountain Bike Championships (more here).

Adam Zampa helped Australia to their World T20 CUp win.

Weia Reinbound added to her dozens of records with a world age group high jump record (more here).

Lawrence Okolie successfully defended his World Cruiserweight boxing title (more here).

Lewis Hamilton started the year with a knighthood, then became the first driver to achieve 100 pole positions. He finished the season a close second in the driver standings.

What about 2022?

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