Vegan strongman takes podium place

England’s Jake Entwistle proved his strength after taking the podium in the national finals of a strongman competition.

9 June 2021

Competing in the under 90 kg category, he finished third and qualified for the next step – Britain’s Strongest Man. Needing to finish in the top five of the 13 competitors, Jake managed third place.

Events included a 122kg floor to overhead press where Jake got five reps (less than in training).

Carrying a 100kg sandbag 40 metres for speed was next. Then it was a 320 kg yoke which he carried 30 metres.

The 280 kg deadlift from 15” was over 3 times bodyweight. Jake got five reps and went into the last event which was tug of war, which he won.

“A big goal I had was to finish in the top 5 so I could qualify for Britain’s Strongest Man. I was very happy with 3rd. On the day I would have liked to get a rep or more on the 122kg overhead event, but apart from that, I’m happy with how everything went. I was only 1 point from second place and those extra reps would have gotten me good points but it’s fine. That’s just part of competing.”

Vegan power

Jake is in his sixth year as a vegan and continues to climb the ranks, improving on last years’ sixth.

“I get a mixed reaction when people find out I’m vegan” he says. “Mostly people are interested and impressed which is good. I’d say the lighter-weight class guys are interested and generally have good conversations about it. It’s the heavier guys who are a bit more dismissive.”

Jake will be busy in the coming weeks. He’s a drug tested, steroid-free athlete and has a qualifier for the British championships in a drug tested federation.

“I’m hoping to come top 3 in that and qualify for Britains Natural Strongest Man for a second time.”

Then in July he’s aiming to qualify for the OSG (Official Strongman Games) world version of The Strongest Man. “This is the pinnacle of u90 competitions. So lots in the calendar and I’m looking forward to it.”

Jake on Instagram @jake_e_strongman/

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