Vegan running club numbers tops UK Parkrun

The running club now has more runners participating in Parkrun than any other in the UK

League record falls to vegan basketballer

Ex NBA player Cleanthony Early has moved to Taiwan - and broken the league record for points in a game.

Vegan wins Spine Race ultramarathon

Vegan runner Damian Hall has won one of world's toughest ultramarathons.

Fourth national title for Ariel!

For the fourth time in four races, vegan runner Ariel Rosenfeld has won the national 24 hour race.

Six day race win by vegan runner

Mongolian vegan runner Budjargal Byambaa added to his impressive history with another fantastic win.

Vegan powers to national records

Anastasia Zinchenko has broken national records with a fantastic display of strength in Israel. She was competing in the 60kg weight class after losing weight while retaining most of her strength.

National successes for vegan swimmer

Young swimmer Or Tal has had a fantastic set of results at the Winter National Championships.

These awesome athletes were added to our site in 2022

Vegan Athlete Review of the Year 2022

Vegan bodybuilder’s year of trophies

Pro bodybuilder Zack Belknap is reflecting on an enjoyable season with some great achievements.

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