Epic ultramarathon success for vegan runner

Ultramarathon runner Ariel Rosenfeld is never one to avoid a challenge. He has already completed the legendary Spartathon, a six-section race run without breaks across Greece, creating a 246 km (153 mile) course.

Vascular Vegetarian wrestles the world title away

Austin Aries returned to the ring following his departure from WWE and wasted no time in grabbing the headlines.

Vegan Olympian takes another win

Aussie 400 metre athlete Morgan Mitchell went into the Hunter Track Classic in New South Wales, Australia, having won in each of the last three years.

National title #7 for vegan figure skate sensation

The double world champions (Meagan was also Great Vegan Athlete of the Year 2016) put in a predictably strong performance to win by a large margin.

Strong Vegan releases ‘The Strong Vegan’

Julia Hubbard added more bodybuilding trophies to her collection last year and currently sits over a second clear of her nearest rival in the veterans 200 metre sprint rankings for the UK.

Hulda is Great Vegan Athlete of the Year 2017!

Voters have awarded this years’ Great Vegan Athlete of the Year award to powerlifter Hulda B Waage.

Vegan Athletes in the news 2017

By her own standards, last years’ Great Vegan Athlete of the Year Meagan Duhamel had a less successful year. After two years as World Champion the Canadian pairs figure skater didn’t retain her title although she did retain her Skate Canada International title twice in the year. She won her fifth title at the start of 2017 (read more here) and an incredible sixth in October (more here)

Vegan powerlifting records in the home of strength sports

Vegan Viking and Icelandic powerlifting champion Hulda B Waage has taken the Icelandic Cup by storm.

European Savate Champs is the latest fight for James

James Southwood has been fighting for years. He competes in Savate, a French kick-punch sport which incorporates kicking and boxing.

Epic multi island race challenge for Rich Roll

At age 50 Rich Roll is ten years on from the 40th birthday when he acknowledged that his abuses of his body were taking an awful toll on his health. He went vegan, trained and became one of the most accomplished endurance athletes in the world.

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