85km Trail World Championships challenges Vlad

The 85 km course was taken on by the top three runners from each country and featured extremely tough terrain and an amazing 4500 metres of height gain. This made the run the equivalent of climbing a substantial mountain in addition to the distance. Vlad represented Australia.

Series win for Pumpelly

Now Spencer and racing partner Nick Galante have completed an excellent season in the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge where they have secured the title.

Fight night for the Fury

Claire Foreman had an interstate fight which attracted attention and gave her an excellent opportunity to show her abilities.

Ben’s desert adventure in Chile

More extreme conditions awaited Ben Dame when he took on the Atacama crossing in Chile.

Vlad Ixel and more trail adventures

Anyone who’s followed Vlad’s progress knows that he has a habit of picking really tough events. Tranlantau Two Peaks was no difference as the course represented a total distance of just under four kilometres – in vertical height gain.

Savate World Championships sees James Southwood facing the best

Competing as World Champion

International challenges for Sweden’s vegan rower

“If you win you are dubbed world champion of your age group” Ida told us soon afterwards. “I competed in single, pair, double and mix double.”

Another trophy for Greg

Greg has been facing an unusual problem in his category – finding competition close to his standard. “The 50+ physique division in Naples was the toughest yet but I really don't think that anyone was close to beating me” Greg told us afterwards .“I am sure that there are 50+ contestants out there that can but I have yet to encounter them. I am still undefeated in the 50+ division.”

Tia is World Champion!

When Tia Blanco was first featured on our site a couple of years ago she was the youngest athlete we had. Less than a year and a half after progressing from Junior to full adult categories she is now competing with the adults at the highest levels.

Yassine runs across Oregon!

Teaming up with Scott Loughney, Yassine aimed to cross the state of Oregon along the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail in the Fastest Known Time (FTK) for a supported team. The 725 km course starts at the California border and finishes at the Bridge of the Gods as the trail enters Washington State.

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