Julia takes more silverware as a vegan bodybuilder

First she went to the North Atlantic & East Coast Championships with IPL (International Physique League). She entered three classes, all at Pro level: Athletic, Figure and Masters Evening Gown.

Vegan runner Vlad adds wheels and water

In a typically busy year for Vlad Ixel, we missed bringing you news in May of his performance at Ultra Trail Australia – an event attracting the top runners of the country.

The obstacles between a vegan and the World Championships

Vegan triathlete Sebastjan Gregoric has faced a different kind of obstacle as he aims to compete more emphatically on the world stage.

Vegan triathlete at the World Championships

Canadian Triathlete Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches has now been competing for two years as a Pro and had always hoped to qualify for the World Championships.

Vegan superheavyweight smashes 20 year powerlifting record

More recently he had an eye on the State record for Equipped Bench Press in his home state of Maryland. With a new baby at home preparation wasn’t easy to plan, but Bill managed to fit training into three days of the week – the days he was coaching.

World Masters rowing success for Ida!

The regatta in Bled, Slovenia is effectively the World Championships for competitors aged over 27 years. “To me personally it has been the main goal of the season (since October last year)” Ida told us from the regatta “and it is the biggest regatta of its kind.”

Julia aims for the top spot

“I competed at the UNBA Universe last year and won the Amateur Tall Figure, Figure Overall and won my IPE pro card” Julia explained. “I wanted to return to the event this year and compete in Pro category at the Universe. Moving up to the pro league can be tough as the standard is very high so I have spent the year working on bringing an improved package to bring to the stage.”

It’s not easy for Neil in Hong Kong

The Australian vegan didn’t have an easy challenge in the invitation-only event that selected the world’s elite, being given arguably the toughest route to the final.

Cody plays in the World Championships

He had previously won four World Outdoor Championships in the Junior divisions before 2017 and had been USA Racquetball National Singles Indoor Champion in the Juniors 8 and Under division. He's also got a black belt in karate and spoken out on the subject of veganism.

Ben’s extreme 250km Gobi desert trek

Ultra runner Ben Dame faced another extreme challenge when he travelled to China for the 250km Gobi race.

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