Julia coaches two more vegans to medals

Multi Pro card holder Julia Hubbard is toasting more success as she has coached two of her students to success.

19 October 2021

Megan Evens (left) is celebrating winning Natural Pro Universe after guidance from Julia. Meanwhile Bethany Johnson has also taken a medal. She won the UFE European Championships.

Both have faced difficult years with lockdown and gym closures making training problematic. Focus and hard work has been essential, and both have applied themselves to hit their targets.

Like their coach, both competitors are vegan.

“Megan went vegan after I started coaching her” Julia tells us. “Beth was already vegan and wanted a vegan coach.” Beth has been vegan for about eight years, Megan for five.

Like Julia, Beth also owns a gym so had a difficult time during Covid, and trained from home.

Julia is hoping to compete again soon. She’s also taking time to work on her gym. The enforced closure has taken its toll and Julia is working hard to get the business back to where it should be.

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