Six medal haul for vegan runner at the Puerto Rico nationals

The veteran has represented both the USA and Puerto Rico internationally. She’s returned to her place of birth to take part in the Masters National Championships.

5 July 2024

Last year Anabelle Broadbent competed in three of the six events – this year it was all six. The Food Scientist faced distances from 100 metres to 5000 metres.

“I stayed positive. I did not obsess about the oppressive weather conditions I was about to face. I believed in myself. I can do hard things. Pure determination and grit. I was focused on doing my best and approaching one event at a time.”

As she did so, she added victory after victory, eventually walking away with six Gold medals in the age 55-59 veteran’s category.

“My nutrition and recovery strategy were on point! Before, during and after each event! My hydration strategy was on point! This is where my food and nutrition science expertise become a competitive advantage.”

Anabelle grew up on the island, where the diet has been meat-heavy and veganism has not been widely known about.  Over recent years things have changed, and traditional dishes have been veganised.

“I’ve tried some of the vegan food in PR and it is amazing!” Anabelle says. “I can now go just about anywhere on the island and find plant-based versions of authentic.”

The island also has it’s own Veg Fest.

Anabelle turned vegan in 2010.

“I am a Food Scientist, I have seen behind that veil, I know where food comes from” she explains. “I have been in the places where animals are raised and slaughtered, I have seen the highly processed food production, I have walked hundreds of food manufacturing plants I have also walked many acres of fields where actual food is grown, and have seen the negative environmental impacts of animal agriculture.”

Anabelle already has more competitions to focus on. Later this month she has the Pan-American Masters Games in Ohio, which will attract approaching 4,000 athletes from 70 countries.

In August double that number will be competing at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Anabelle is keen to do her best and win what she can, and to inspire veganism and activity in seniors.

“I want to inspire others to eat wisely, make healthier food choices (i.e., eat more plants!) and move more (stay physically active!). Eat wisely for your health, the health of the planet, and for the animals.”