Bodybuilder smashes it in lifting comp

Bodybuilders are often thought to be less strong than their muscles imply. Training with lower weights and higher reps means they can be outlifted.

17 October 2021

Maayan Eliasi has proved she can do both with an impressive set of lifts in a powerlifting meet. Maayan started training heavy after COVID19 disrupted bodybuilding competition plans.

“In 2020 I started preparing for the WNBF World Championship. The Corona caught us in the middle of the prep, and the world championship was cancelled.”

She competed in the Israeli nationals and won Pro Fit Body, then decided to take an off season.

“After a few months of recovery from the competition, I became very strong. Suddenly, when I did not have the stress of dieting I started to progress very strongly in my strength.”

She started working low rep training. “While my goal is the WNBF World Championship, 2022. I suddenly found myself really getting stronger, and felt like entering a powerlifting competition and celebrating my strength as well.”

Competing in powerlifting Maayan surprised many with her performance in the 60 kg category. She pulled a 135 kg raw deadlift, winning her category and also won the best lifter award for the category.

“It was fun and I will continue to get stronger, but right now my eyes are on the World Cup. I will begin preparation in March and compete in the United States in November 2022.”

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