Vegan ultrarunner takes another record

The legendary John Muir Trail seems to be a second home for inspiration ultramarathon runner Catra Corbett. The vegan has already set record on the 212 mile course, and has just set another. Her existing record is for a 'Yo-Yo' (out and back, 424 miles) set in 12 days, 4 hours and 57 minutes.

Great Vegan Athletes launches Patreon page

Vegan athletes prove that a plant-based diet is in no way an obstacle to not only thriving, but reaching incredibly high standards of physical performance. Our site shows this and in doing so destroys the outdated myths that meat and dairy foods are crucial to peak performance. The standard and variety of featured athletes means that we can easily eliminate these belief which often prevent people from trying veganism themselves.

Pan American win for vegan lifter!

Olympic lifter Ramona Cadogan has taken a national Masters win in the American Pan American Championships - which qualifies her for the World Championships.

Another world record for vegan runner Fiona

Running a busy animal sanctuary would be demanding enough for most of us, but for vegan superwoman Fiona Oakes it is only part of what she aims to contribute.

Tim’s TV athleticism is a vegan series winner

Vegan Tim Shieff returned to Ninja Warrior UK and showed the incredible skills which have brought him success.

More wins for Tia

Surfing sensation Tia Blanco has had a busy few weeks and showed her abilities.

Vegan Viking invades Europe and smashes records

A second European competition for Icelandic Champion Hulda B Waage gave her the opportunity to compete with Europe’s best and attempt to beat her own national records.

Vegan Julia is a Bodypower athlete!

Julia Hubbard has raised her profile after Bodypower announced they were sponsoring her.

192 miles in three days is fun for Catra!

“If you’re not having fun you’re doing it all wrong!”

Vegan runner picks up triathlon win

Ultradistance runner Vlad Ixel continues to make the transition to triathlon with a 4:41 time in the Davao 70.3 Ironman which gave him another age category win.

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