Great Vegan Athlete site sees massive growth – and finds new challenges

The last few months have been fantastic for Great Vegan Athletes, and this has brought rewards and challenges.

10 November 2019

In October we had an incredible 239 people start a vegan program with Challenge 22 after clicking on the links in our site.  We had over 53,000 visits to our site over the month, a record month.

We know this is partly due to the interest generated by The Game Changers, but partly this is thanks to the site that’s been built by a very small group of volunteers, unpaid, in their own time.

We know that keeping going will spread more news about how downright awesome you can be on a vegan diet, and encourage more people to take steps to veganism.  There’s also issues that we could use some help on.

Built for scale

Our site hosting is built for a smaller volume of traffic.  The site is already having issues and is slower than intended due to the volume.  We need to upgrade to a greater capacity, and this is going to cost $15 per month.

We’re also looking to free up time by subscribing to a content management package that will automate some of the materials that’s done so well on our growing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and stimulated interest in our site.

This means we’re asking for support.  If you can spare $1 per month, we’ll send you a monthly email giving you the inside on our growing site.  Anyone subscribing $3 pm will also get added to our private Facebook group where we coordinate and plan the site.  $10 pm gets you all this and a GVA T Shirt – you can pick the colour and design.

Effective campaigning

We know that our time and resources make a difference because as well as setting the record straight about how well you can live a plant-powered life, we encourage people to take the plunge and go vegan.

We promise to make your money work as hard as we can, and know that we’re working on something which is making a difference to the way veganism is seen.