Sarah Stewart plays in the World Championships

Sarah Stewart has just finished competing in the World Championships where her team finished sixth.

Fiona’s records are official!

Guinness World Records have confirmed that Fiona's three marathon world records have been recognised and validated.

Cam Awesome wins 3rd International Gold of 2014

The Cheo Aponto cup came soon after the US Golden Gloves competition in which Cam won Silver.

Cam in national Golden Gloves

US Nationally ranked no.1 superheavyweight Cam Awesome aimed high when he competed at the national Golden Gloves this month.  His previous record was impressive, with four appearances in the final and three tournament wins.  He faced five fights to win, and aimed to record his fourth title.

Vlad runs 54km overnight in Tel Aviv

Ultradistance runner Vlad Ixel took on the Yam 2 Yam 54km trail race in Tel Aviv expecting an interesting race.

Christine hits the podium in Paris to Ancaster

Christine has cycled for the American team across the world. She took on the Paris to Ancaster ride along with some tough competitors. They included Olympic MTB Silver Medallist Alison Sydor and US Cyclocross National Champion Jeremy Powers among the 2000 entrants. The race itself has been running for over 20 years and is known for the gravel surface which leads to it being classified as cyclocross.

Great Vegan Athletes now on Google+

Great Vegan Athletes is now going to be active on Google+ and we hope you'll consider following along there

Cam wins the Felix Stamm in Poland

Cam Awesome competed in Poland against the world's best in his second international tournement of the year.  The Felix Stamm tournement attracted boxers from all over the world.

Fiona Oakes in the world’s toughest race

Following her completion of MdS in 2012 and her multi record winning marathons last year, Fiona took time away from her tight schedule at her animal sanctuary to attempt the harsh event again.

Vlad wins by 30 minutes in Lantau

This time he was in Hong Kong for the Lantau 50km ultramarathon.  It’s a tough race with hills all the way, and is run almost completely on trails.  “TransLantau was a hard race with a lot of elevation gain” Vlad told us, although it got a little harder when he took a wrong turning and ended up adding 5km on due to the detour.  “Its always hard to get back on track after getting lost and in your head you think that it might happen again. Lucky I got lost only once.”

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