Seven wins then Vlad runs at the World Championships

Vlad Ixel has continued to collect medals and experiences at home and internationally.

Vegans make history in self-supported South Pole trek

Vegan runner makes quick recovery to take another win

Alberto Pelaez Serrano completed a demanding month with another ultramarathon win.

Vegan veteran completes another ultramarathon

Veteran runner Paul Youd is celebrating after completing the Isle of Wight ultramarathon.

Vegan is last survivor in three day race

Vegan runner Antonio di Manno has won the international Race of Champions backyard race.

Vegan cyclist takes victory in the Belgian Mountain Bike Challenge

Three-time national champion Frans Claes won with a solid performance in the challenging four-day stage race.

24 hour win for vegan runner

Harvey Lewis seems to move from adventure to another.  He's just competed in the D3 24 hour race and taken the win.  It was the first time he's run on a track this year.

Vegan fencer reclaims world #1 ranking

Vegan Fencer Vivian Kong is World Number One again after a win in Columbia.

Vegan runner wins Dino trail ultra

Alberto Serrano has won the 57 km Rioja Trail race in the Spanish mountains.

Vegan knight takes world Silver

Vegan fighter Ronin Hugues Sato is celebrating after taking Silver in the World Championships in one of the most unusual and awesome sport we've discovered.

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