Vegan strongman’s challenge to 4 x World’s Strongest Man

Vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian has responded to 4 x World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw’s invitation to train together.  Shaw also invited Patrik to challenge the meat-eating American in a competitive lift.

16 November 2019

The exchange was started when Shaw responded to a message on Shaw’s social media criticising Baboumian and asking Shaw to beat Patrik’s world records to quieten down the vegan buzz surrounding sports and veganism following the release of The Game Changers last month.

In the video released by Brian Shaw he seems confused by claims Patrik has to have broken records, referring to later times Patrik’s records were broken.  All of the records broken by the German vegan were verified by Guinness World Records or Strongman Champion’s League.  Patrik contacted allthe leading strongman  organisations to verify the maximums before he attempted to beat them.

Shaw also expresses doubt that Patrik is as strong as many claim.

International vegan strongman

Patrik has previously proved his ability to compete at the highest level.  He has taken national and world records in loglifting and national titles in Strongman.  He is one of the few competitors to have transitioned from the lightweight (under 105 kg) to Open strongman category successfully, which led him to compete against strongmen with a massive weight advantage.  Shaw has competed while weighing 190kg, and at 6 foot 8 inches towers above Patrik.

Patrik has also been European Powerlifting Champion in the Open category and competed at the the FIBO Champions League against competitors including competitors who had recently finished second and third at World’s Strongest Man.  He won one of the events.

Patrik has also been retired from competition since 2016 although none of this discourages him from responding to the challenge.

 “Thankyou so much for the invitation that I gladly accept” Patrik says in a response video. “I will gladly accept your challenge and I will go with a max squat…I’m really looking forward to this.”

“I will come back out of retirement just to take that invitation….I hope you’re a man of your word and that we’ll meet in a few months to battle it out in some squats”

“No matter the outcome I’ll enjoy every freakin second of it.”

Patrik’s profile

Patrik’s response

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