England XC runner does it on plants

Vegan runner and vegan food entrepreneur Lisa Gawthorne was called to England team for the second time this year for the British and Irish Masters’ 6 km cross country race.

22 November 2019

Representing Vegan Runners UK, Lisa has also been competing this year at the European and World sprint duathlon championships.

“I felt really strong, and with each lap that passed I felt stronger” Lisa told Great Vegan Athletes. As the race went on she found herself “overtaking quite a number of people which is hard to do on a cross country circuit but I felt strong so I just went with it. It was great that that the international event was so close to my house (13 miles away) as it meant my parents could come to see me race which was a really nice bonus and they were a great support on the course which was three laps of grass track at Aintree racecourse covering 6km in total.”

Lisa finished as the 17th in her over 35 vet category, covering the 6km in 24:00.

Running vegan interests

Lisa’s company Bravura supplies vegan confectionary, although her diet focusses on other food groups.

“I’ve been eating a fair amount of rice and Seitan or quinoa or seitan matched meals over the last week and the night before I had some pasta for a last burst of energy. Race day I went for free from porridge with flaxseeds and chai seeds. I’ve been focusing on keeping my hydration on point in the days leading up to the race with a diet rich in wholefoods, grains and slightly higher in carbs 48 hours prior to the race which seems to work well for me.”

Lisa turned vegetarian at 6 and vegan at age 21.

“I am a huge animal lover and that was originally my reason for going veggie at the young age of six as I remember reading a leaflet that came through the door about farming and battery farming and even at that young age, I made the connection that meat was actually of animal origin and felt it was wrong to carry on eating any meat for that reason.”

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