Ariel Rosenfeld, vegan ultradistance runner

Ariel Rosenfeld has been recognised for several years as a leading ultramarathon runner in Israel.  He has also gained respect internationally and taken on extremely tough events outside his home country.

He won Sovev Emek, the most prominent Israeli ultramarathon four times in recent years, winning the 61km race in 2011, 2012 and 2014 and the longer 100km course in 2013.  Read More... “Ariel Rosenfeld, vegan ultradistance runner”

Laura Kline, vegan duathlon competitor

Laura Kline is a multisport athlete from Pasadena, USA, best known for her success in Duathlon.  Duathlon is an endurance event which starts with a run, changes to cycling, then returns to running.

She participated in hockey, softball, basketball and boxing while at high school and college, then at age 26 started competing in the demanding sports of Duathlon and Triathlon.  Read More... “Laura Kline, vegan duathlon competitor”

Ellen Jaffe Jones, vegan track athlete

Ellen Jaffe Jones poses with her many medals

Ellen Jones is a senior runner who competes in distances from 100 metres through to endurance distances.  Following success in the 2012 Florida State senior games she became eligible to compete in the Senior National Competition in four separate events.

Ellen started running aged 28 although was not as enthusiastic then because of the climate she lived in and the low profile women’s running had in 1980.  Read More... “Ellen Jaffe Jones, vegan track athlete”

Ruth Heidrich, vegan endurance athlete

Veteran runner, Ruth Heidrich, poses at an Ironman Triathlon

Ruth Heidrich is a prolific runner who has maintained an astonishing level of fitness into her senior years.

A survivor of an aggressive breast cancer, Ruth turned vegan in 1982 aged 47 in response to the diagnosis. She has won over 900 medals for running of all distances, some of her most prestigious include:

  • March 1988: 1st age group place in the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon, aged 53.
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