Antonio Di Manno


Antonio di Manno has become a recognised force in ultradistance running with some notable success in his native Italy.

He won the 2019 6 hour race Ore di Titina. In June 2021 took first at L’ultimo sopravvissuto. The second of these was a Last Survivor race. Competitors have to complete a 4.17 mile course every hour until they fail. This works out at 100 miles per day. Antonio won as all other had dropped out by 31 hours. He covered 207 km in that time. This qualified him for the final in Tennessee USA against 60 winners from across the world.

In September 2021 he won the UltraMilano Sanremo. This was a 283 km race including 4000 metres of height gain. Antonio finished in 39 hours, winning comfortably, over 4 hours ahead of second place.

In 2022 he won the 100 mile race at the Italian running festival (more here). Later that year he took a win at the Milano-Sanremo ultra again (more here). He followed this with two Last Survivor races, winning the Italian national race (more here).

“I run to speak to the animals and I want to try to talk about veganism as much as possible. I’m also giving an example that vegan is possible!”

Antonio turned vegan in 2015. “I am completely Plant-Based and I consider myself Vegan” he says. “It was completely ethical motivation. I have decided and made the change over night. Ethics for animals.“ Antonio was also affected after reading the book ‘An Eternal Treblinka’.

Antonio also runs Vegan Power Team, a vegan running club which had 65 members by 2021. “I run to speak to the animals and I want to try to talk about veganism as much as possible” he told Great Vegan Athletes. “ I’m also giving an example that vegan is possible!”

While travelling may be challenging, Antonio always sticks to his principles and would rather eat ten bananas in a day than animal products.

As well as making himself a role model, Antonio helps animals in need with a tough fundraising event. “These are 100km training sessions that I organize with a fundraiser to help the Animal Refuge Sanctuaries.”

Diet and distance

While at home, Antonio eats a comprehensive diet. “I have a very complete diet including cereals, legumes, fruit, vegetables, seeds.”

Training includes running 6 days a week including a long run of 50-60 km.

“I love trail running and try to include it in my workouts when I can. I also train bodyweight or kettlebell work twice a week. And I am also a kitesurf instructor.”

A vegan example

Antonio has found that he is not typical as a vegan, although people are sometimes interested.

“At the beginning they are always somewhat detached. But slowly with example and talking to people they become curious and someone has also made my choice. My coach has stopped eating meat and dairy products for the time being.”

“For the future I hope to carry more and more the message of hope and respect for all forms of life!”

Instagram: @antoniodimannoultrarunner


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