National ultra record falls to vegan again

The Italian record holder has broken his own record with over three days of running

8 June 2024

Antonio di Manno has achieved so much already. He’s the three-time winner of Europe’s longest non-stop ultramarathon and already had the Italian record for Last Survivor racing.

Also known as Backyard Ultra, this gruelling race has runner running a 4.16 mile course once an hour. Fail to finish within the hour or retire, and you’re out. There’s no finish, you have to last longer than the others.

His record of 76 laps meant he had run for over three days with no real sleep or rest. Now he faced a tough international field that were going to push him all the way.

This time he went further, completing an incredible 79 laps (329 miles) to push his record even further. Other runners claimed national records as the format is seeing a surge in popularity.

Antonio turned vegan in 2015 after reading ‘An Eternal Treblinka’. He says

“I run to speak to the animals and I want to try to talk about veganism as much as possible. I’m also giving an example that vegan is possible!”

He also runs Vegan Power Team, a vegan running club.