World Silver for vegan lifter

Vegan weightlifter Ramona Cadogan faced injury ahead of one of the biggest competitions in her sport.

20 October 2019

“I had a back sprain for about 6 weeks” she says. “I had only about 5 weeks to prepare for the Masters World Cup. I would have been stronger at the competition if I was not injured.”

All three lifts in the Snatch were given – 50kg, 53kg and then 55kg.  She only had one good lift in the clean and jerk, although it was enough to give her second.

“I was very happy with my snatches because I went 3/3 back to back in major international competitions” Ramona told Great Vegan Athletes.

“I am grateful to put up a strong fight despite not my best total.”

Taking second in the world so soon after injury is an amazing achievement for the vegan from New York.

She turned vegan in 2006.  “I discovered on my own through my own feelings about animal cruelty that I must go vegan” she has explained.

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