Ramona Cadogan

strong vegan 

Ramona is a masters weightlifter, competing nationally in America and also internationally. Competing in the 63 kg category, she has also competed in powerlifting, although has had more success with Olympic lifting.

  • Twice placed 2nd in the US Masters National Championships
  • Masters World Cup Silver
  • Successful in powerlifting

Her only powerlifting meet was in 2015 and her 221 kg (488 lb) total gave her victory in the Masters division.

In the USA Masters National Championships 2016 she placed second in the 45-50 age group with a 55 kg snatch and 68 kg clean and jerk. At the American Masters in 2017 she was also second with 54 kg snatch and a 72 kg clean and jerk.

In 2018 she won Gold at the Pan American Masters (read more here), and in 2019 she repeated this (more here).

In 2019 she took Silver at the Masters World Cup (more here). Ramona won Silver at the Pan Am Masters in 2021 (read more here).  In 2022 she took Bronze at the US Masters Nationals (more here).

In training she’s made further progress with 80 kg jerk off the rack, 59 kg snatch and cleans of 78 kg. Her hang clean is now 70 kg, she’s power cleaned 72 kg and push pressed 60 kg. She’s also deadlifted 138 kg.

She trains 3-4 days per week, with daily mobility and stability exercises including on off days. Typically she moved to heavier weights later in the week, working on her competitive lifts with reps at 70-80% as well as assistance work.  Ramona fits this in with her own coaching.

Going vegan

In 2000 Ramona gave up meat and in 2006 she became completely vegan.

“I discovered on my own through my own feelings about animal cruelty that I must go vegan” she explains.

There’s been little reaction in the gym and Ramona’s coach hasn’t even brought up the subject.

“I eat a lot of pea protein burgers” Ramona told us “sometimes I eat tofu, but I try to stay soy free to avoid having high levels of estrogen in my diet. Also, I consume complex carbs like sweet potatoes and pasta as well as a variety of different types of green salads with my homemade apple cider vinegar/lemon dressing.”

Success in her category seems to have stimulated Ramona’s urge to aim for more, and she has more objectives.

“I’d really love to compete on a senior level, which is the age group between 18 and 34 but I would need at least a 173kg total to compete at that level” she says. “There have been people that have competed at the senior level over the age of 35 and I’d like to be one of them.”

“I’d also like to connect with more vegan athletes who do Olympic weightlifting. I plan to write a book on my experiences as a vegan weight lifter too to encourage people you do not need to eat meat to lift heavy.”

Ramona is also an ambassador for Official Team Green and is a tutor for people learning English as a second language (she may be contacted on [email protected]).

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