Gold again for Ramona!

Last year Ramona competed at the Pan American Masters Championships and took home the Gold.  This year she travelled to Orlando to again compete against the best Olympic lifters in North America.

1 June 2019

“I felt very well prepared!” Ramona told Great Vegan Athletes afterwards.  ”My coach Vasily Polovnikov has the best credentials and gets all his athletes to excel beyond their dreams.”

Ramona’s coach had also made alterations to her lifting technique less than two months before.

The lift went excellently.  All six lifts were successful (she was the only in her category to achieve this).  Her snatch of 58 kg lead her division, and her clean and jerk of 70 was the joint largest.  She won the category with a total of 128 kg which won by 8 kg.

Ramona was quick to attribute some of the success to her eating habits and told us about “vegan gains following the dirty dozen by Michael Gregor.”

Ramona has been vegan for 13 years, and it’s 19 years since she ate meat.

She previously told us: “I discovered on my own through my own feelings about animal cruelty that I must go vegan.”

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