Pan American win for vegan lifter!

Olympic lifter Ramona Cadogan has taken a national Masters win in the American Pan American Championships - which qualifies her for the World Championships.

26 June 2018

Competing in the 63 kg category, she went into the meet knowing what she was capable of and ow well that compared with her rivals.

With lifts of 54kg for snatch and 69kg for clean and jerk Ramona was well within her capabilities as she has lifted much more in training.

“My coach said I did not have to go all the way out and risk missing” she told Great Vegan Athletes. “I just followed my competition. I won by 5kg.”

In the same category was the Canadian Masters Champion, who Ramona was pleased to surpass.

While her strength is beyond doubt, Ramona also gave consideration to her psychological approach, having tried hypnosis.

“I have been working with my imbalances” she says. “I have stronger quads than hamstrings. Every time I back squat prior I work on weighted hip thrusters to strengthen my hamstrings and gluteus muscles.”

The win sets her up for competition at the highest level in Spain in August this year. “The competition will be much more competitive” she says. “My goal is to come close to snatching what I am clean and jerking. It is possible based on how much I can back squat and front squat. Since my best current back squat is 120kg and my front squat is 102kg, thus I should be snatching close to 70kg and clean and jerking about 85kg.”

And the preparation will focus on her mind as well as her body. “Weightlifting lifting is a mind sport as well as a strength sport. Once I can improve my mentally ability more along with some minor technique issues, I will be unstoppable!!!”

We certainly hope so!

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