Polish vegan power at the World Championships

Vegan powerlifter Dawid Kawka is buzzing after a devastating set of lifts at the World Championships. This was his first international competition - and he did not disappoint!

9 October 2021

The plant-powered powerhouse competed in the 74 kg (unequipped) category. He squatted an incredible 240 kg, over three times his bodyweight for a lift where double bodyweight is considered impressive. His benchpress of 167.5 kg is a shade over his 165 kg earlier this year when he set the Polish record for a competition total. His deadlift of 275 kg adds 10 kg to the deadlift when he broke the record.

David recorded a total of 682.5 kg, over NINE times his own bodyweight.

Incredibly Dawid feels there is more to come. He says these were “not my proudest lifts. Disease and HUGE amount of other factors totally destroyed my lifts. Now I know what I can improve.”

He also massively enjoyed the experience. “This day I will remember for whole life, I realised how much I love it.”

Naturally strong

Dawid is drug free and has recently passed testing. He’s also vegan after he spent time researching diet in 2014 and making the change. He eats plenty of red lentils and rice, and likes to cook with sauces. He also includes lots of fruit.

While many powerlifters might thing of a nine-times bodyweight total as an incredible achievement, Dawid plans are bigger.

“I’ve got big strength plans in near future, Real BIG!

I also adjust my diet to make it even better than ever – fully vegan of course.

Now I eat mostly rice, lentils, vegetables also spinach and broccoli mostly with nice vegan sauces. Also a lot of fruits, nuts and protein powder. Sometimes I’m checking vegan meals in restaurants.”

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