World records fall to Glenda’s vegan power

Veteran powerlifter Glenda Presutti smashed dozens of records last year including numerous at world level. Now the Aussie vegan has added to them at the Oceania Championships.

2 February 2021

After the COVID19 disruption an unusual decision was made to freeze age groups, enabling lifters to compete in the age class for the previous year.

“It was difficult as I missed the notification for this change and had been training to not need very high numbers at all in my new age class 65-69” Glenda told Great Vegan Athletes. “ So three weeks out I found out I had to compete in my previous age class of 60-64.”

Competing in the age 60-64 age, 64 kg category, Glenda was aiming for her own records that she set in September 2020. You may expect that time was against Glenda, as she turns 65 soon and would normally compete in the 65-69 category.

With her second squat she lifted 113 which was a World, Oceania and national record, then broke them again with 118 kg.

She was a little apprehensive with bench following shoulder issues, and was thrilled to do 60 kg for an Oceania record.

“This was the most exciting as my goal this year was to bench a 60 and I did it in a month!” she says. “Thrilled. After all my shoulder issues I’ve struggled with bench.”

Glenda narrowly missed a 152 kg deadlift, so retains her previous 151 kg records.
After rampaging through the records in the category, Glenda will have to move on to the 65-69 category.

Glenda has been vegan since 2016 after learning about.“all aspects of animal agriculture and all the cruelty related to use of animals in entertainment, products, testing etc.”

“So I did 4 months of research and I stopped eggs and dairy then after I competed in USA I went vegan…It’s been easier than I ever imagined.”

Congratulations Glenda – you make the record breaking seem easy too!!

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