Fia Kamlund, vegan powerlifter

Fia Kamlund has built up some amazing strength to bring her success in powerlifting. Competing in the 84kg category in both raw and equipped categories she has achieved a 430 kg raw total in competion and 512.5kg equipped.

These international level totals have brought her success in her home nation of Sweden, where she is national champion in equipped lifting. This was achieved in only her second competition lifting equipped.

In early 2020 her personal bests are 172.5 kg for squat, 82.5 kg for benchpress and 185 kg for deadlift. Her equipped bests are 205 kg for squat and 132.5 for bench. She has never deadlifted equipped and incredibly won the Swedish title lifting unequipped.


Fia is totally vegan and fully committed to eating vegan in all circumstances. She turned vegan in 2012 after being vegetarian.

”This was for ethical reasons” Fia told Great Vegan Athletes. ”I was lacto-ovo vegetarian before that and I when I realized the connection between meat industry and how they treated animals also in milk and egg industry I went vegan.”

As Swedish Champion, it is perhaps not suprising that nobody is concerned about there being no meat or dairy in Fia’s diet. Now she eats a lot of soya-based fake meats, yoghurt and typical carbohydrate fuels – potatoes and rice.

It fuels an active training routine based on the three lifts, which takes up about 80% of Fia’s training. She also trains with accessory work such as lat pulldowns , legress and extension.

Incredibly, she also runs long distance at a good level, with marathons at 3:55, half marathon at 1:34 and 10k at 42 minutes.

With so much achieved, Fia is far from finished and plans to take ”big lifts” to another level.

Fia’s result

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