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strong vegan 

Hege Jenssen is a pro-level kettlebell competitor who has competed in her native Norway as well as in international competition. She’s done particularly well in Snatch, and on her debut in the professional class took 5th at the World Championships. Hege has also taken the bronze medal at the European Championships.

  • 2 x National Champion
  • Has taken 4th and 5th at World Championships
  • European Bronze medallist and Champion
  • World record breaker for indoor skiing
  • Vegan for all achievements

Kettlebell competition has existed for over a hundred years, growing in popularity over recent decades across the globe.

Hege’s first competed at the nationals in 2016, taking Silver in the snatch then Bronze next year.  In 2017 World Championships where she took first in the Snatch in amateur and masters (35-40). In 2018 she took second at the Norwegian nationals in Snatch, and 5th at the World Championships – in Pro class. Hege took two national wins in 2019– in snatch and biathlon. She then returned to the World Championships to take 4th in biathlon. She also took bronze at the European Championships, in snatch.

After the Covid-enforced break she took another tho olds at the World Championships – in Snatch amateur and Masters 35-40.

Hege also competed at the 2023 European Championships and took Gold in Masters Snatch, 35-44 (more here).

“Winning amateur class in ‘snatch’ at WC 2017 was totally unexpected and such an awesome feeling!!” she says. “I did216 reps with 16 kilo kettlebell – always only one handswitch, that’s the challenging part. Grip strength and technique plays a huge role in snatch.”

“My favourite achievement is at the World Championship 2018, where I had my debut in professional class. After dropping 14 kilos for making weight class (-68) I did a personal best in ‘Snatch’ – 109 repetitions (24k kettlebell) and placing 5th. But the greatest achievement is getting on the podium in the European Championship 2019, and receiving my first medal in pro class. I got bronze! It’s an awesome feeling to get to stand on the podium!”

“I didn’t start training until after I turned vegan, so all my power is built by plants”


All of these achievements have been without animal products.

“I went vegan January 1st 2010 after not eating meat for about 8 years before that” Hege explains. “I did eat fish during those eight years, but slowly cut out more and more animal products from my diet.”

Hege was motivated as she became more aware of the cruelty in the animal agriculture industries.

“It was something I worked towards a couple of years before, and I got the final push and motivation for going all in from fellow animal rights activists and finally the famous speech from Gary Yourofsky.”

“I didn’t start training until after I turned vegan, so all my power is built by plants – I think that’s pretty awesome !” 

Hege also works for NOAH, the leading animal rights organisation in Norway,

Hege now faces challenges when travelling to events, but nothing she can’t overcome.

“I eat only vegan, and I’ve become a master of packing foods with me wherever I go. Coming from a small place in Northern Norway I’m used to scarce vegan food options, so going other places abroad almost always means more options for me.

“I did have a challenging time in South-Korea though. Let’s say I ate a lot of only noodles and protein shakes! I usually prefer staying at an airbnb where there is a kitchen so I can make my own food, and stick to foods that I’m used to eating – which is especially important when competing.“

When not facing such challenges she eats a lot of oats, tofu, chickpeas, tahini, potatoes, carrots, beets, broccoli and cauliflower. “I also love to eat everything in a wrap. And of course different berries and fruits, mostly oranges and apples. Nut butter is almost too good and best straight from the jar.”

It works. She has a very full training schedule to enable her to succeed, and certainly puts in the work.

“I do work a lot with kettlebells! And since ‘kettlebell snatch’ is my main discipline whichI compete in, there is very much snatching going on. But I also train lifts with barbell, like deads, squats, cleans – and for fun I do crossfit/circuits. Normal cardio is also part of my training, so I spend some time running and on the Concept2 SkiErg and rowing machine. I’ve just started training with a new coach, so I’m excited about a new training program.”

Training with other people and coaches as the only vegan does highlight that Hege is the only vegan. She feels that she’s been lucky with her team as they are considerate about her choice. “That being said” she says “of course it has helped being the strongest on the team – makes it hard to argue that a vegan diet is insufficient!”

More plans

Hege has more to achieve, and clearly loves her sport and loves setting new targets.

Speaking with us in February 2020, she already was aiming for a strong performance at the World Championships in October.

“But before that it’s National Championship at the end of March, then Europeans in May. I’m hoping to keep my title as National Champion and return to the podium at Europeans. My dream is to stand on the podium at Worlds, but the competition is fierce and I’m not getting any younger.

Unfortunately the competitions were cancelled due to the COVID-19 response, although Hege kept busy. She trained more with the virtual ski machine and registered the second fastest marathon time in the world!

Hege later broke the world record for 100 km on the indoor ski machine by a two-woman team (more here).

“I love competing and having a goal to work towards! So as long as I’m having a good time and results keeps getting better I’m all in!” 


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