Vegan takes European title!

Vegan kettlebell champion and past Norwegian champion has been competing internationally and taking wins.

13 January 2024

The Superfit Hege Jenssen had no plans to return to competition before the Vegan Strong Plantbuilt team encouraged her to take up her kettlebells again.

Hege competed in The All American Kettlebell Open in the ‘snatch’ event, taking third.  “I made 215 reps with 16 kilo kettlebell (one handswitch)” she says.

Next she turned her attention to the WKSF European Championship where she won the masters division 35-44 yrs to become European Champion.

Incredibly the win came after a bout of Covid which left her feeling less well prepared.

“I did fewer reps at the championship” she says “so I’m not all that happy with the result.”  She still took the win!

Vegan power

Hege is a double national champion with 4th and 5th places at the world championships.  She has broken a world record on an indoor ski machine.  Hege has two Golds at masters level from the World Championships.  She’s been vegan since January 2010 after eight years vegetarian, and works for NOAH, the leading Norwegian animal rights organisation.

She is motivated by all she has learned about animal cruelty.

“I didn’t start training until after I turned vegan, so all my power is built by plants – I think that’s pretty awesome !” she says.