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Hollie is an incredibly strong powerlifter who has achieved some amazing lifts. Competing in the ~48kg category, she has squatted 105kg and benched 60kg. Her deadlift is over three times her bodyweight at 155kg.

Unsurprisingly, Hollie feels that her deadlift is her greatest achievement.

  • Squatted 105 kg at 48 kg bodyweight
  • Has deadlifted three times bodyweight (155 kg)
  • International class powerlifting total

Concerns about health, particularly a family history of cancer, encouraged Hollie to reconsider her food. As a result of this, Hollie moved to a wholefood plant-based diet. She’s lost track of when she completed the transition, although by 2014 she had eliminated all animal products.

“I eat a completely vegan diet focused on whole plant foods” Hollie told Great Vegan Athletes. She’s also an enthusiastic cook.

“I love all sorts of plant-based meals. I have become so obsessed with cooking that I wrote two of my own cookbooks: Simply Fresh and Winter Wellness to encourage more people to enjoy plant-based meals.” Hollie also wrote a Christmas cookbook.

“I would like to compete at World’s one day and continue focusing on being the strongest version of me.”

Her Instagram account is awash with photos of different foods proving that as well as powering her to high standards of strength, Hollie has variety and taste on her table.

With the high standards achieved in the sport and a flair for cooking, she has sparked interest in food from other powerlifters and she gets lots of questions from people wanting to improve their cooking.

Vegan fuel

The demanding training is supported amply by the vegan diet, and Hollie packs a lot into her training programme.

“I focus on squat, bench and deadlift but perform many variations of these lifts like para bench, paused and pin squats. My coach Simon Bergner also programs lots of accessories to also improve general strength which has had a good carry over.”

“I would like to compete at World’s one day and continue focusing on being the strongest version of me.”

Instagram: @powered_by_vegies

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