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Bill McCarthy is an American powerlifter. He competes at national level and has qualified for international competition including the Arnold Sports festival three times. He’s 120kg in weight and his personal best lifts (raw) are 501 lb (227.5kg) bench press, 750 lbs (340kg) squat and 622 lb (282.5kg) deadlift.

Vegan power!

He has finished in the top five at the US Nationals on six occasions, and has been USAPL American Open Champion three times. He has been invited to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival, finishing in the top five on five occasions, and was Champion in 2013.

He is the New Jersey and Maryland State record holder in Raw Bench and Squat. In 2017 he broke the Maryland State record for Equipped Bench with a massive 265kg (584lb) lift (read more here).

  • Three time winner of the US Open
  • Arnold Festival Champion 2013
  • State record breaker in raw and equipped powerlifting

The Strength and Conditioning Coach also runs a Powerlifting Team. He is currently building this and add lifters and sponsors to his team, while expanding his coaching responsibilities.

Finding veganism

Bill has been a vegan since he tried the Engine 2 Diet 28 day Challenge. He eats a good diet and therefore feels there is little need for supplements, taking only B12. As an elite competitor in a sport where many people are preoccupied with a belief in animal protein, Bill has surprised people.

“They can’t believe that I am as big and strong as I am, the reactions are always fun!… I have had a couple of my clients try it because of the results I had and all of them have never went back.”

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