Road record smashed by vegan runner

Austria’s Andreas Vojta had a fantastic 2020 despite the COVID19 restrictions – and 2021 has started with a national record.

20 February 2021

Andreas ran in Monaco, taking a place in the road 5 km. Andreas is better known for racing on the track, where there is a separate 5000m record for the different surface. Adapting to the conditions seemed to work well.

Andreas took the win and didn’t just break the previous record – he took 6 seconds off it.

He ran 13:49, and surprised many by saying he felt he didn’t run to his full potential. However, he knows he’s running well.

“I can´t point out one thing that´s pushing me right now, I just have a great overall feeling” he told Great Vegan Athletes. “Last year was a very good one for me and I have the feeling I was able to continue work from the level I had in 2020 and improve even more.”

“I´m feeling better in training every week and also getting better with my time management (which is important for recovery) and a solid nutrition at the moment.”

Andreas, who turned vegan in 2018, is also aiming at the year’s biggest stage.

“I´m positive I can transform this into some more personal records this year and pave the way to my second Olympic experience this summer in Tokyo!”

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