Boom! Vegan powers to records in the Sunshine State

California’s Nick Squires showed everyone some real plant power -bagging four state records.

8 June 2021

California’s Nick Squires showed everyone some real plant power -bagging four state records.

The 35 year old qualified for the age 35+ submaster category this year. Within a month was making his mark there.

The success was despite setbacks – Nick didn’t train at all in May. A back injury interrupted his progress, and “sort of” stayed away for the competition.

Nick broke the 100 kg submaster state record for squat, deadlift, deadlift only and for a powerlifting total. Incredibly Nick squatted 250 kg (over 2.5 times bodyweight) while carrying a back injury and with almost no training.

California State is known for its gym culture, and the third most populous US state holds some of the most challenging records.

“I put it all on the platform last Sunday, and may have made the injury worse” Nick told Great Vegan Athletes. “But I have no meets all summer so I can now dedicate the time to rest and recovery before training again.”

More power beyond the records

He’s confident that these records were not his best.

“The competition actually went pretty poorly for me personally” Nick says. “My lifts all suffered from the lack of training, and my total was almost 100lbs less than when I competed at IPL worlds.” Nick refers to his lifts at the World Championships where he won his category.

Nick turned vegan in 2014 after volunteering with rescued dogs and reconsidering having animals on his plate.

He says “what has kind of surprised me as an athlete is that the more experienced someone is in strength training, the more open they are to the idea of a vegan athlete”

And this vegan lifter has plenty more planned.

“I’m looking forward to fully healing, getting back under the bar, and having a full healthy meet prep so I can break my own records (and take the bench record) at the next meet. I have my eye on a National squat record as well.”

Nick’s profile

Follow Nick on Instagram: @meatymcsorley

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