Veggie Channel’s Massimo takes two national medals

Veggie Channel founder Massimo Leopardi returned from the diving nationals with two medals to add to his collection.

7 July 2021

Veggie Channel founder Massimo Leopardi returned from the diving nationals with two medals to add to his collection.

Massimo competed in four disciplines, against 10-40 other divers. He won bronze in the platform and took silver in the one metre springboard. The one metre springboard was almost a gold as he was just fractions of a point behind the winner.

Massimo was also pleased to add to his repertoire. It was the first time he had performed one particular dive at three metres. “That was a forward somersault and a half with one twist, even if this did not allow me to earn a third medal.

“However, at this age, what makes you happiest is that instead of physically regressing, you are keeping yourself in good health or even rejuvenating.”

Massimo’s team, M. R. Sport won second place, partly due to the points he earned with his medals. Recognising that it was a team effort, he was keen to thank “my talented coach Paola Flaminio. In this difficult year she has been able to guide me for a good physical recovery and excellent technical planning.”

Vegan win

Massimo has been vegan since 2008 and helps educate people through The Veggie Channel. He’s also pleased to be a good example of a healthy man in his late 50s.

“I am very encouraged to play sports and to bring some good medals at home, both to keep healthy and to promote the vegan lifestyle” he says. “Of course on my Veggie Channel, which I founded in 2008 with my wife Julia, we also talk about my sporting achievements and we do it through a series of videos and articles. By telling my story we want to raise public awareness that plant-based diets are not only sustainable for human health but that they can also provide faster recovery times, strength and mental clarity.”

“This year was for me a sporting year of recovery. I had been sedentary for a long time due to both the pandemic restrictions and a neck injury that I got when I entered the water badly in a dive from the platform. Because of this accident I thought I could never go back to diving but with a good plan of gradual recovery and muscle preparation, this year I was able to go back to the pool and get back in shape.”

He’s also aware there is more to achieve, and there’s a sense of excitement about this.

“Next year in Japan there will be the world championships and I would like to get there and jump on the highest podium. There is only one year to do it but I feel I can do it. Please follow me and support me on my socials and on the Veggie Channel:”

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