Vegan runner wins over 65 km of mountains

Spanish endurance athlete Alberto Pelaez Serrano has taken a category win in the Transgrancanaria race.

25 March 2021

The high profile event attracts runners from all over the world. Alberto entered the ‘Advanced’ race which was 65km and included over 2500 metres of height gain.

Alberto is known for he T Shirt which reads ‘No Como Animales’ (Don’t Eat Animals). He finished in an incredible 5 hours 56 minutes, winning his age group and finishing third overall. He was just one second behind the second placed runner.

Alberto has been vegan since 2011 and told Great Vegan Athletes: “My motivation for going vegan was always the animals. When I became conscious of the suffering and exploitation that they go through, I realized that changing my lifestyle and becoming a vegan was the least I could do for them.”

As well as being an accomplished ultradistance runner he has crossed Spain by bike in just 42 hours and has the record for ascent and descent of Morocco’s tallest peak.

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