Vegan runs top marathon time just months after her first

The Australian 5000 metre Olympian is transitioning to marathon, with amazing success!

Vegan bodybuilder wins world title

Just weeks after domestic success, she's taken on some of the biggest challenges in the world – and taken wins!

International medal haul for vegan runner!

Anabelle Broadbent has finished a busy four days to leave with a haul of medals at an international masters event.

Adam helps Australia to sixth World Cup victory

Vegan cricketer Adam Zampa is celebrating after helping Australia win the World Cup.

The gloves are off as vegan fighter takes the Thai title

A vegan fighter is celebrating after winning a national Thailand title belt in the brutal sport of bare knuckle fighting. The sport allows minimal hand protection and like boxing, allows punching but no kicks, knee or elbow strikes are allowed.

World record lift by vegan survivor

Pat Reeves continues to beat her challenges as she sets another world record.

More titles for vegan bodybuilder

Leah Coutts has had another great season and collected more silverware and titles.

Three vegan gold medals at skate international

Vegan skater Kristen Santos-Griswold has continued her amazing career with three Gold medals at the Four Continents Speed Skating Championships.

Records claimed by vegan runners in epic last survivor race

Vegan runner Harvey Lewis has returned to the scene of one of his greatest victories to take the win and set a world record.

Vegan strongman takes world title!

Vegan power won the day at the World Natural Strongman Championships with vegan Tom Butts storming to victory in the 90 kg division.

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