Vegan Strongman takes the win and eyes the nationals

Vegan Hercules continues his winning ways with another win.

26 March 2024

Bradie Crandall has taken first at the prestigious PA Dutch 13 – and won a place at the US Strongman Corp Nationals.

The comp followed a tear in Bradie’s meniscus while training. He says it left him at “about 75%”

“It definitely impacted almost every event, particularly the moving events. I had to slow my pace to make sure all of my steps were perfectly controlled so I wouldn’t irritate my knee. I also had to rework my form on the log press and atlas stones to keep my knee from bending too much so that my torn meniscus wouldn’t be in a vulnerable position.”

Surgery was scheduled just 5 days after the event.

The events included:

  • 255 lb (115 kg) in each hand farmer’s walk to a 650 lb (295 kg) yoke walk.  This was an event win.
  • Log press, where Bradie attempted the state record of 295 lbs (135 kg), currently held by Bradie’s vegan friend Ric Carroll. Not this time for Bradie!
  • 275 lb (125 kg) sandbag carry, for which he managed 370 ft (113 metres) and an event win.
  • Deadlift medley 545lb (247 kg), 585 (265 kg) then 685 lbs (311 kg) for 4 reps.
  • Atlas stones 265 lb (120 kg), 290 lb (132 kg), 330 lbs (150 kg).

The win comes after a successful year including a win at Mr America Sports Festival. The win at PA Dutch means a lot to Bradie as it’s “one of the most gruelling competitions in the area.”

“The weights at this competition are heavy and it attracts some of the toughest competitors. Last year, Tom Evans won PA Dutch and he is now competing at World’s Strongest Man and is arguably one of the top 10 strongest men in the world.”

Bradie is now captain of the Vegan Strong Plantbuilt team for Strongman. Already he’s putting together a large and formidable team for the next event.

He also paid tribute to his coach Cosme De Jesus Gonzalez who worked on every event to accommodate the knee injury.

Bradie has been vegan since 2017, considering the change while studying Chemical Engineering.

“Gaining a deeper understanding of the causes of climate change led to the discovery that animal products have a huge impact on the environment. Also that a diet based on animal products is no longer sustainable as population rapidly grows.”

He’s also written a book on vegan strength training.

He’s already looking forward to the Nationals in September – with two good knees.

“Come nationals in September, I’ll be operating at 100% again and will absolutely be in contention for a podium spot if I show up at my best.”