Vegan takes win and Best Female Lifter at State Championships

The fitness trainer smashed it at the North Carolina competition to take the titles.

30 March 2024

Katya Gorbacheva competed in the 75 kg (raw) class as the only known vegan and continued her impressive record in powerlifting.

She opened with a 180 kg squat, well over double her bodyweight. Her bench of 95 kg was followed with a 190 kg deadlift. The total of 465 kg was over six times bodyweight.

“I just felt really good” she says “it’s important to focus on you, ignore everybody, you do you. That applies to all things in life.”

She also got a lot of questions about veganism so gave out some recipes and information and definitely made people think. There was still a lot of open scepticism even after she took Best Lifter.

Last year she was the overall Best Lifter at the Lionesses Arise meet and took three wins at the Mr America Sports Festival. She’s qualified for the US nationals.

Katya’s vegan transition was in 2016 following some health issues highlighted by a blood test.

“I’ve embraced the mentality that I wanted to add more plant based nutrient rich foods into my diet and vegan household / personal care products – instead of removing the animal products, and it worked. A restrictive mindset can be very stressful, and as a person who has history of body dysmorphia and eating disorders it can be truly harmful.”

“Even though I went vegan for health, I’m also a huge environmentalist, and the ethical part makes sense. I wouldn’t eat my dog. Why would I eat a pig? Why would anyone?”

A lot of people will be keen to see what Katya does next and we’ll be watching her for more successes!