Vegan skater takes three World Cup medals

The world class vegan has helped the national team to reach the podium.

18 February 2024

Kristen Santos-Griswold has added to her medal collection with a Bronze, Silver and Gold at the ISA World Cup Short Track Championships.

Her individual performance in the 1500 metres saw her claim second, just 0.051 seconds behind the winner.

Kristen was part of the team talking Bronze in the 3000 metre final.  She also participated in the mixed relay, where the team took Gold.

Prior to the event Kristen had 13 World Cup bronze medals, six silvers and two gold. In the Four Continents she’s had three Golds from one competition and earlier this season she won three Golds at the US Nationals.

Kristen is a lifelong vegetarian who turned vegan in 2018.

“I’ve always loved animals so much and don’t want to contribute to anything that could be harmful to them. When I switched to a fully plant-based diet, I also began feeling just overall so much better and began skating better too.”