Euro Athletics success for vegan runner

The duathlete and international cross country runner adapted to indoor athletics at the European Master Championships, her first ever visit to the event.

24 March 2024

Lisa Gawthorne has won European and World titles in the run-cycle-run sport of duathlon, and is known for cross country and 10 km road running – representing GB in both.

She’s just been competing in Poland in the indoor Masters Athletics Championships, where she exceeded her expectations. Lisa competed in the 40+ age category.

In the 3000m final she ran a brave race, leading and pacemaking for most of the race

“I ran to my coaches script in order to secure a PB” she says. “That meant taking some responsibility and just managing my own race out at the front until the final 800m when the beasts unleashed their mega speed for some awesome finishes. Great to be around this talent!”

She finished with a massive 12 second personal best, 2 seconds insider her outdoor best and 5th in Europe with 10:44:19.

“I didn’t really think it was possible as I’ve had a few issues back wise of late and not in peak form but belief and confidence and the best coaching I could ask for from TRS Coaching got me there!”

Lisa also qualified for the 800m final, where she said “the nerves were off the scale.”

The intensity of the distance was emphatic. “The lactic was insane, 800m truly is brutal” she says.

She recorded a finish at 2:31, seventh place and a massive 7 seconds off her personal best.

That was not all!  Lisa then ran in the 1500 metres final.  She finished fourth in 5:06 which is a 7-second personal best.

Lisa has been vegetarian since age 6 and vegan since age 21 – over half her life.

“I am a huge animal lover and that was originally my reason for going veggie at the young age of six.”

“Going vegan was definitely something I was working towards as I was veggie for many years and wanted to cut out the dairy.”

She’s also aware of the nutritional aspect, which helps consider why at age 42 she’s able to keep getting faster.

“Eating a vegan diet that is predominantly Whole Foods based really nourishes the system” she says “and for me it’s shown that it’s perfect for giving me all I need in the game of getting faster!”