Vegan athletes smashed it in 2020!

2020 saw sporting fixtures cancelled across the globe as the COVID-19 pandemic spread. This meant there was less to report - but it didn't stop vegan athletes doing incredible things.

6 December 2020


Strongwoman Kim Best had a great start to 2020 with a world record! The Scottish vegan carried a massive 350 kg yoke for ten metres in under 25 seconds (more here).

Powerlifter Nick Squires broke the State deadlift record for California with a massive 295kg lift (more here). We also reported on Nick competing at the World Championships, where he won his category (more here).

Olympic style weightlifter Ramona Cadogan competed in Brooklyn where she not only won the Masters category but also came within a few kilos of the national record (more here).

Sahy Lalime competed in the Belgian Nationals where she won the national title again (more here).

Veteran powerlifter Glenda Presutti took an incredible 17 records at Australian National level or above – including six worlld records (more here).

Just weeks later Glenda competed in a different category and took more records including four world records (more here).

Endurance and running

Ariel Rosenfeld broke the Israeli national 24 hour record with a 228 km run (more here).

Andreas Vojta ran his unfavoured 1500 m distance and recorded the 3rd fastest time in the world so far (more here).

Soon afterwards, Andreas ran won the 3000 metres at the Balkans Championships to become the first ever Austrian champion at the games (more here).

Mountainbiker Frans Claes took 6th in the 75k Imbuko Challenge despite a gut infection (more here).

Lisa Gawthorne took age group 6th at the European Duathlon Championships, which is a run-bike-run event (more here).

Andreas Vojta ran an outdo.or 1500m – and it was the world’s fastest of the season so far (read more).

Soon after, Andreas ran the world’s fastest outdoor 10,000m of the season (more here). He followed this up with national Austrian titles in 800m and 1500m (more here).

Mountainbiker Frans Claes took third in harsh conditions at the Belgian Nationals (more here) and followed with a best ever 8th at the World Championships (more here).

Duathlete Lisa Gawthorne overcame a knee injury to take age group Gold at the European Cross Country championships (more here).

Alister Gardner completed an Everest equivalent height gain in a one day challenge, running 108km with 9000 metres of height gain (more here)..

Lewis Hamilton took a record-equalling 7th Formula One World Championship win (more here).

New athlete profiles!

We all discovered more athletes who met our criteria and were added as new profiles.

Sofia Jokl, vegan Ju Jitsu Expert. Sophia is a double World Champion in the Duo-System event. Profile here.

Cleanthony Early, vegan basketball player. He has played in the US and Hungarian National leagues. Profile here.

Frans Claes, vegan mountainbiker.  Frans is a former double Belgian national champion and has competed internationally.   Profile here.

Adam Zampa, vegan cricketer who is one of the leading spin bowlers in the world. Profile here.

Sahy Lalime, vegan powerlifter. Sahy has been overall Champion at the Belgian Nationals twice, and competes internationally. Profile here.

Hege Jenssen, vegan kettlebell athlete. Hege has taken two national titles in Norway and placed 4th and 5th at the World Championships. Profile here.

Diana Taurasi, vegan basketball player. Diana is established as one of the greatest players of all time in women’s basketball. Profile here.

Kim Best, vegan strongwoman. Kim has competed nationally in strongwoman and broke the world record for yoke walk. Profile here.

John Rush, American Footballer. Fullback for the Winnepeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian National League. Profile here.

Wilson Chandler, basketball. He’s formerly played for the NY Knicks and Denver Nuggetts, and now plays for Brooklyn Nets. Profile here.

Fia Kamlund, vegan powerlifter. Fia has some incredible lifts and won the Swedish title. Profile here.

Dawid Kawka, vegan powerlifter. Dawid has recorded totals of nine times bodyweight and is one of strongest men in Poland. Profile here.

Massimo Lepardi, vegan diver. He’s won the Italian title, and five medals at the World Championships. Massimo also founded the Veggie Channel. Profile here.

Ana Cufer, vegan mountain runner. International runner in tough events with one of the most challenging Slovenian records to her name. Profile here.

Lewis Hamilton, vegan racing driver. One of the greatest in history. Profile here.

Kane Richardson, vegan cricketer. Fast bowler for Australia. Profile here.

Elena Congost, vegan Paralympian. Gold medallist in marathon, and internationally competitive at this distance as well as 100 metres, 200 metres and 1500 metres. Profile here.

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