Vegan breaks 24 hour race record

Israel’s leading ultramarathon runner Ariel Rosenfeld has taken a national record in a new event than pushed runners to their limits.

14 January 2020

The event was based on a 1.5 km course and held three events were available – 100 km, 100 mile and 24 hours.  All runners completed laps of the course, and Ariel entered the 24 hour race.

With the national record at under 200 km, some may have expected Ariel to break it.

Ariel explained that with an event like this it was important to stick to a plan which included maintaining a steady heart rate and pace, and using a mix of walking and running.

Ariel went on to set the furthest time and win the event, and with 228 km (142 miles) completed (his sat nav recorded slightly more at 230km) he took the Israeli record for the 24 hour event.

“The race was just great” Ariel told Great Vegan Athletes. “I took good decisions, I’ve worked hard when it was tough, so many friends and family came to see it, and the result was so good.”

He also prepared well, training hard and practiced his race plan.


Ariel has been vegan since 2012 after watching a video by animal rights speaker Gary Yourofsky.  “I saw Gary Yourofsky movie” he told Great Vegan Athletes “and that put a mirror in front of me.”

In preparation, Ariel’s diet focussed on “a variety of fruits, legumes and vegetables”.  During the race energy gels and maple syrup kept him going.

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