Vegan strongwoman takes world record

Vegan strongwoman Kim Best has taken on a classic strength event - and broken the world record.  She now holds the world record for the greatest weight carried by a female athlete after carrying 350 kg in the yoke walk.

29 January 2020

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Kim had competed at Scotland’s Strongest Woman last year where she broke the national record for the yoke walk and held it very briefly as it was broken again during the event.

“This put a massive fuel into my belly to get higher and higher weights” she told Great Vegan Athletes.  “I looked into max yoke wordwide and found the record to be 330kg in just under one minute.”

By November 2019 she was picking up and holding an incredible 405 kg and walking comfortably with 320 kg.  “I knew then I would definitely get 340 kg on our National Record Day.”

“Record day came and that 350 kg was all I had my mind on.  Adrenaline pumped through me and with the support of everyone behind me the walk was completed in half the time of the old record of 330 kg.”

350 kg is a little under five professional middleweight boxers or over three Giant Pandas!


Kim completed Veganuary in 2018 after fighting food intolerances to animal byproducts and animal protein.  She is one of a growing number of vegan strength athletes.

“So I changed for my health, and after that I learnt how bad the farming industry is so have stayed vegan.”

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