Vegan runner runs world-leading 10,000m

Tricky training conditions as 2020 unfolds have not dented the ability of Andreas Vojta, who has completed a fantastic race in Switzerland.

1 July 2020

The Austrian vegan registered the fastest Outdoor 1500 m of the season in Europe just weeks ago, and this time turned his attention to a 10,000 metre event.

“I knew I was in good shape and wanted to use this as a good test” Andreas told Great Vegan Athletes. “Currently I´m more or less taking the opportunities that come along as the competition calendar is still very restricted due to Corona.”

Running in a small group and sharing pacemaker duties to start, Andreas soon noticed that he wanted a faster pace.

“In the end it was quite even race with a 14:15 for the first half and an end time of 28:30,28. This is also the fastest time of the world at the moment”.

Andreas is aware that this is a world best at a time when African runners are not entering large 10,000 m events, but still a leading world class time and nearly 4 seconds off his personal best.

“So I know I used the time during the quarantine quite well. Next stop will be my main distance (5000m) at my home stadium in Vienna on July 11th.”

Travelling vegan

Andreas stayed in a shared Airbnb with his own cooking facilities which enabled him to ensure he ate well.

“This was a quite small town but had its own vegan only supermarket. It was the first stop I had there and I could not only buy the food for my meals there but also some candy I took back home.”

Andreas also got some vegan support after a local supporter who knew him from Instagram came to watch him take on his challenges.

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