Vegan runner is Europe’s fastest

Vegan runner Andreas Vojta currently finds himself top of the pile after recording the fastest outdoor  1500m of the season in Europe.

23 June 2020

In his first race after lockdown, the Austrian ran 3:42 in Prague. This was not his normal distance and one which he didn’t prepare specifically for.

“I think my preparation in general was quite good during the last month” says Andreas, who has recorded a series of excellent videos offering training advice for frustrated runners wanting to train under COVID-19 restrictions.

“It was mainly based on basic training like we would normally do in November/December or so. So I was using all this lockdown time to get some extra base training in which wouldn´t have been possible in a ‘normal’ season which would be in full swing already with a lot of races. So I hope I could use corona in my advantage to have some extra training time to get to the next level. Then I would be better for Tokyo 2021 than I could have been in 2020!”

Andreas is pleased to have recorded such an impressive time at this stage of the season.

“Of course that has to be set in relation to the current situation where it is still very early in the season. I was still happy as I didn´t specifically prepare for the 1500m during all the corona stuff. The race was mainly made up by local runners and athletes from neighbor countries.

“It was pretty slow for the first 1000m when I decided to push to the front and accelerate the last 300-400m. This was a good finish for me and 3:42 is a solid time considering the tactical start and the unspecific preparation.”

The vegan also feels he has clearly has more to offer.

“I´m confident I could go sub 3:40 in a strong field at the moment!”

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