More world records for vegan powerlifter Glenda

Just four weeks after bagging seventeen world records, Glenda Presutti was back in action looking for more!

28 October 2020

Between the meets she’d been shedding the kilos to move from the 64kg to the 58kg category so she could attack the records there. Was she taking on too much? “Woah! it was intense I tell you” she told Great Vegan Athletes.

Preparation wasn’t easy and in hindsight Glenda says she should not have done the water and sodium manipulation. She then had to restrict carbs and lose water in the last few days before weighing in successfully at 57.95 kg. This meant Glenda made the weight but the imperfect process affected her confidence in her strength.

The records tumble

She broke the World record with her first squat of 95 kg, then again with lifts of 100 kg and 105 kg.

Her biggest bench press was 56kg, short of the World record of 60 kg. “We decided to have a crack. It went up only half way but I was happy I tried!”

The deadlift record stood at 120 kg, and it’s fair to say that Glenda destroyed this.
“I opened on 133, then I went 137 on my second attempt. This was way tough and usually an easy weight for me. So I knew my limits for that day and just added another kg for a 138. This was a grind so it was a good call.”

This was three world records, and her total of 299 kg was also a world record.

Glenda has been vegan for over four years.
“I discovered PETA and I began to read about all aspects of animal agriculture and all the cruelty related to use of animals in entertainment, products, testing etc. I was horrified.”

More power!

“I’ve always been a very specific goal motivated powerlifter and very competitive” said Glenda, who is in her last year in the 60-64 category. “I’m getting older and not sure how much longer I have in this sport (this is my 7th year) as it’s hard work to be at an elite level.

“I hope I inspire other older women that we can do things we never dreamed we can do as we get older. And as a vegan athlete. I have an incredible team around me. My family, 2 special friends who are elite master Powerlifters themselves with all issues such as mine as well. I have the best physio on the planet Dr Andrew Lock, a powerlifter himself, and a sports medicine doctor who also trains and does everything to keep me in my sport.”

“So next year I’m in the 65-69 year age group and eyeing off the World Championships later in 2021. These two competitions also to decide the overall Australian Master Champion 2020 in my age class so I won’t know the result until all Masters Nationals are completed in December.”

In other words, we can expect more.

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