Vegan closes in on national records

Vegan Olympic-style lifter Ramona Cadogan had her first meet of the year and did not disappoint as she continues to emphasise her class.

2 March 2020

At the Brooklyn meet she closed the gaps on the national records as she took first in the Masters Divisions.

Snatching 55kg and then (after a fail) 57kg tied with the national record.  Three good clean and jerk lifts finished with a 69kg lift, just 3kg off the US record.

“The goal at Nationals in mid April is to break all records!” says the New York-based vegan.

While competing in the Masters 50-54 category she also took third in the open age category.

Ramona has been fully vegan since 2004.  “I discovered on my own through my own feelings about animal cruelty that I must go vegan” she explained.

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