World records fall to Oz’s vegan lifter!

Veteran lifter Glenda Presutti bagged an astonishing range of powerlifting records at national to world level after some monster lifts at the Australian Masters Championships.

18 October 2020

The retired nurse had been invited to a meet in Melbourne in July of this year, peaking in strength only to see the competition was hit by travel restrictions a week before so Glenda couldn’t attend.  This made the Masters her first event in nearly a year.

“Powerlifting Australia and World Powerlifting made special arrangements that lifters could attempt World and Oceania records at Championship events for the remainder of 2020” explains Glenda . “Thus was due to the inability for anyone to travel internationally for this. So International and National referees have been made available to us at competitions to verify these records here in Australia.”

Preparation was a challenge as Glenda wanted to compete at just over 60kgs in the 64kg class to get the top World ranking in Open Powerlifting under 67.5kg class which ensures the highest Wilks score.

Weight cut

The vegan lifter brought in a nutritionist to cut 3 kgs to a goal weight on the day of 60.55kgs. It worked.

“I’m currently sitting number one in the World in the under 67.5kg tested raw women age 60-64 years. But it’s not the end of the year yet so I hope to hold this ranking“ she says.

“I was fortunate to get 17 new Powerlifting records, a combination of World, Oceania and National.”

World Powerlifting World records were awarded in squat with lifts of 105 kg then 112 kg, in deadlift for 133 kg, then 145 kg and finally 151 kg, and for a total of 322kg.

Oceania Powerlifting records fell at the same levels with the addition of bench at 54 kg, 57kg and 59.

Glenda also broke national records for bench (59 kg) and deadlift (151 kg).


“Nutrition has been intense! I’ve actually done my weight cut with a high protein, low carb and fat, lower calories but quite adequate, with carb cycling around training sessions. This suited me well. My protein sources were Seitan, Tempeh, Tofu and Plant Protein Powder, all green veggies, carbs were oats, sweet potato, rice cakes and maltodextrin and fats some flaxmeal, vegan omega 3 caps and almonds.“

And there’s more to come!

“I have another Championship Comp in Sydney exactly 4 weeks after this one in the 58kg class. So I have been working very hard to drop another 2.5 kgs to make this weight. We have added in fasted cardio on non weight training days as well.

“My goals are again the World Records and a one world ranking in Open Powerlifting in the under 60kg class….I’ve pushed hard to compete in both weight classes as it’s my last year in this age group to get World records in both weight classes. I already have all the National and Oceania records in both weight classes but I wanted this unique opportunity to set World records if I could.”

Glenda’s fantastic achievements come against a history of lifting injuries and a move to a full vegan diet in 2016 after learning about cruelty in the animal agriculture industry. We look forward to hearing more of her incredible achievements and we’ll keep you updated.

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