Hamilton’s victory equals the all-time record

Lewis Hamilton secured a seventh World Championship on Sunday, and used the opportunity to highlight his concerns around equality and sustainability.

Vegan completes ‘Everest’ in Canadian mountains

Vegan runner Alister Gardner took on an extreme challenge that would test any elite runner.

Vegan takes European Gold!

Masters runner Lisa Gawthorne overcame a recent injury to compete against Europe’s best – and bring home three medals.

Vegan bikes the World Championships

Vegan Mountain Biker Frans Claes followed up his strong performance in the Belgian nationals with a determined race in the World Championships.

More world records for vegan powerlifter Glenda

Just four weeks after bagging seventeen world records, Glenda Presutti was back in action looking for more!

World records fall to Oz’s vegan lifter!

Veteran lifter Glenda Presutti bagged an astonishing range of powerlifting records at national to world level after some monster lifts at the Australian Masters Championships.

Frans races the muddy forest tracks in the Belgian Nationals

As Covid-19 spread across Europe, mountain biker Frans Claes faced lockdown. The former Belgian champion, who competed in the Championships again just days ago, knew this was an opportunity to adapt and to help out.

Three dozen national titles for vegan runner

Vegan runner Andreas Vojta added to his 34 Austrian titles at the Nationals, proving his versatility as well as his quality.

Could you take Great Vegan Athletes to the next level?

Our site has already made an impact. We have over 140 elite athletes in a variety of sports. We’ve published hundreds of news article, bringing up to date news of titles and records to the world. We’re established in social media, and by partnering with vegan outreach programmes we’ve helped hundreds of people go vegan. We consistently achieve top rankings on search engines for popular search terms. But we want to do more.

Vegan runner runs world-leading 10,000m

Tricky training conditions as 2020 unfolds have not dented the ability of Andreas Vojta, who has completed a fantastic race in Switzerland.

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