Vegans hitting the Mont Blanc ultras

Vegan runners were among the competitors taking on probably the most famous ultramarathon – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

14 September 2021

Spain’s Juanjo Larrotcha ran the TDS race. The 145 km course had a 9100 metre height gain. For comparison, Everest is a little under 8500 metres. The 53 year old finished in 23 hours 53 minutes. Among the leaders, Juanjo won his age category by 2 hours thirty minutes.

USA’s Yassine Diboun was competing in the BSM race. The race was curtailed following the tragic death of a competitor in a fall. Yassine was placed 6th overall of 856 runners.

Juanjo’s profile

Yassin’e profile

Juanjo’s results and splits

Yassine’s placing

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