365 marathons in a year for vegan couple!

Running a marathon is a challenge many people aspire to, so the attempts by two vegans in their 60s to run a marathon a day for a year is an amazing goal. Alan Murray (68) and Janette Murray-Wakelin (64), are New Zealanders living in Australia who are nearing the end of this massive feat.

Vegan Athlete of the Year 2013

It’s that time of year again ….

Catra Corbett completes her hundredth 100 miler

Catra Corbett has reached an incredible milestone with the completion of her one hundredth 100 mile event.

Fiona Oakes’ Antarctic marathon world record

Early reports have come in from the most Southerly point on the planet which indicate that Fiona has won the Antarctic Ice Marathon and in doing so broken two world records and set a course record.

Fiona completes the hardest run of her life

Fiona Oakes has completed yet another extreme marathon, across the mountains of South America,the Volcano Marathon in Chile. Runners were warned to expect snow at the start at temperatures of 30 Celsius later on.

Pat’s world deadlift record

Powerlifter Pat Reeves has made further progress this year with a lift that broke her own world record.

Cam Awesome boxes the world’s best

Super heavyweight boxer Cam Awesome has just taken on the most challenging tournament in his sport when he travelled to Kazakhstan for the Elite World Championships.

Meagan Duhamel at Skate Canada 2013

Meagan Duhamel and her skater partner Eric Radford returned to the international Skate Canada competition hoping to match last year’s amazing silver medal.

Fiona Oakes’ Casablanca Marathon

Fiona’s preparation for the Casablanca leg of the record attempt was not ideal as it followed close behind her Atlantic City marathon and she had just caught a flu bug. Her duties at the sanctuary meant she was unable to rest.

Fiona Oakes takes another step towards a World Record

Fiona travelled to Atlantic City USA for her 4th marathon in 7 weeks.

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