Meagan wins Olympic silver!

Canadian figure skater Meagan Duhamel has been competing in Sochi for her first Winter Olympics.

13 February 2014

To start with she was part of the team pairs which saw her perform a routine with her partner Eric Radford. Her Canadian teammates also skated as part of the tam event. At the end of the team event Meagan left with a silver behind the Russian hosts.

The silver medal represented the fulfilment of a dream Meagan has held since childhood and given so much to achieve. After that, she and Eric competed in the individual pairs.

The competition was tough and the performance was not entirely to Meagan’s satisfaction, although after the two routines, she ended up being placed a very respectable seventh.

“I'm sorry that we couldn't show the world our long program the way we skate it so well everyday at home” she later said. “This was the hardest 7th place finish I have ever achieved.”

The Olympic medal adds to the pair’s growing collection of medals and their reputation and enthusiasm show no sign of declining. They will be competing again this year.

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