Alex Caceres’ snatches victory

Alex Caceres took on Sergio Pettis in an MMA bought on Saturday night (Jan 25th). Pettis was unbeaten in ten fights, and commonly compared to his older brother who is the UFC lightweight champion.

26 January 2014

Pettis started the better of the two, landing some impressive strikes and combinations to win the first round. Round two went a little different with caceres putting Pettis down and winning the round.

The third round was a tough one for Caceres and the fight looked to be going the way of a Pettis victory until late in the round. Caceres took advantage of an opportunity he didn’t squander and executed a rear-naked choke hold that caused a submission with just 21 seconds left on the clock.

The fight brought Alex’s record up to 10 wins and 5 losses and he is unbeaten in 4 matches at Bantamweight. He was also awarded Submission of the Night and the match was named Fight of the Night.

Alex was typically reflective as he described the fight as “one of the most challenging I ever had”. He said “Sergio has a lot of talent and was able not only to expose my weaknesses but as well teach and show me where they were, now I will work tirelessly to fill the holes.”